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Hello all.  If you would like to volunteer to help on race days and paid public practice days, we'd love to have you.  

Positions needing help with are; Racer signup, flaggers, Scorers, parking and anything else you or we can think of.

Here are the definitions for each position.

Racer signup;  sit at the table and sign in each racer for each class they are entering.  Collect fees for each class, get paper work signed by each racer.

Flaggers;  stand at critical spots by the track to signal riders of upcoming track impediments such as caution (yellow flag) or a race stoppage (red flag).  You will be instructed beforehand as needed.

Scorers;  Want to have 2 to 3 per event.  If you have never done this, do not fear we can teach you and guide you.  We will run a video camera at the start finish line for backup.

Parking;  Just a point and direct spot to get people to the pit parking and spectator parking.

Click on the button below to email us with any questions you might have or to signup.

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