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Rules Of Conduct

Lost Acres Motorcycle Park Rules of Conduct

Look out for one another.  We are all in this together.  We are all guests of the property owner.  If we screw this up, the place will be closed down.  Not a lot of options around for riding flat track in this area.

If you or any of your crew are unable to follow the rules listed, you will be removed from the property.

1.       AMA noise levels apply to all bikes and ATVs.  We are going to be good neighbors.

2.       Fuel Mats are required.  Pit area is 5 mph at all times, period.

3.       NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED.  EVER.  Save them for New Year’s Eve and your property.  We can’t risk setting the land on fire.

4.       Be respectful and courteous to one another.

5.       Any threats will be taken seriously and you will be removed from the property.

6.       No motorcycles/ATVs allowed outside of the pit area or off the track area.  Do NOT ride on the infield of the track, nor on any of the adjacent fields.  The pit area is visibly marked, as is the track.

7.       If we deem your racing is endangering other racers we reserve the right to remove you and your crew from the property.  You will be warned ONCE.  Second time, you are done riding until we at Lost Acres deem that you are no longer a risk to other racers.

8.       We have ZERO tolerance for illegal activity or threats of physical violence to anyone.  This is a venue to have fun.  Violators will be removed from the property.

9.       Please be courteous of the neighbors.  No noise after 11:00 p.m.  You can visit at normal speaking volume.  If it’s midnight, go to bed or at least be quiet.  People are sleeping and sound out here carries a long way. 

10.     Everyone entering the property will sign a waiver releasing Lost Acres Motorcycle Park, all volunteers, all racers, employees of Lost Acres Motorcycle Park, spectators, and anyone else connected with the property, event or venue in any way, of responsibility for injury of any type.  Racing has risks, whether racing or watching.  You are responsible for you and your underage children or guests well being.

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