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Race Classes

Please read. 

To Qualify for year end awards the following must happen.

As a racer you will have to race in a minimum of 80% of the scheduled Races for the season to qualify for year end award in any particular class.

The class also has to have an average of 3 racers for 80% of the races for the season for that class to be considered for a year end award.

*Trophy class means if at least 3 entries on day of race, top 33% awarded.  We reserve the right to award more if you so choose.

** Hooligan we determine which races are payback race and which are a trophy race.   

WE need at least 3 riders signed up to run a class.

Not all classes are trophy classes

Pro Bike Classes                          

Open Pro                                         

450 Pro

Pro Am

Pro Knobby

Open Twin

Pro Hooligan

Amateur Classes                           

Open Am    

Open Knobby Am

Lipstick class for the gals, knobbys ok.                    450 Am                                             

250 Am                                           

Vet Am                                              

Vintage Am

Open Twin

Hooligan Am

Rodeo Class

Mad Dog Class

Kids 150 cc and under class. 

Will split out to under 85cc if needed.

Knnobby tire classes.  We'll duplicate as many of the class c tire classes as per number of entrants.

Pro Quad Classes

Open Pro Class

Amateur Quad Classes

Open Adult Am

Beginner Adult Am

Kids 250 (Blaster) Class

Kids 90cc Class

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