Lost Acres Motorcycle Park

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10750 South Can Ada Rd. Melba, Idaho

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There are currently 2 tracks in use.  A 1/5th of a mile oval and a 4/10ths of a mile TT track. 

This is a labor of love more than anything else.  We do this so that there is a dedicated place for flat track racing in the Boise Valley. 

We are a 35 to 45 minute drive from Boise.  20 to 25 minutes from Nampa.

We welcome all that have an interest in flat track racing.  You don't have to have a dedicated flat track bike to race.  Street legal bikes are welcome.  As a rule we require class C dirt track tires or street tires are o.k.  When we say Class C, in keeping with the spirit of flat track motorcycle racing we are talking the standard tread for flat track tires not trials tires. If you are not sure about it come out on a practice day, race day or contact us for more info.


Bike Classes

Open Pro

450 Pro

Pro Am

Pro Hooligan

Open Twins

Open Amateur

450 Am

250 Am

Vet Am

Vintage Am

Open Twins

Hooligan Am

Kids Class 150 cc &under

Quad Classes

Adult Classes;

Pro Class

Open Class

Beginner Class

Kids Classes

250 (Blaster)

90cc and under

Lost Acres Motorcycle Park